Politics (Lent 6)

Why do the nations conspire
and the people plot in vain?
The kings build their own thrones,
the rulers listen only to their own wisdom.

Why do the nations rage?
Why do they plot for domination
and scheme to preserve their vanities?
Why do they make games of governance?

They say, “Let us release ourselves from responsibility
and from God. Let us throw the people into chaos
so they break their bonds with one another
and neglect our accountability.”

Say that you are laughing, O God.
Tell us that you have wrath to spare from days of old.
Rage that creation is the richness of relationship
not the division of exploited treasure.

Break their egos like fragile china
and their walls to pieces like a potter’s vessel.
Take a rod of iron to their webs of bribery,
to their paper laws of lies & deceit.

Until the nations make peace,
call all peoples to serve in humility
and worship in trembling wonder.
Happy are those who love the LORD.

on Psalm 2

Ash Wednesday (Lent 1)

Roar, life.
Burn, sun.
Scold, winter.

Let these ashes be at peace.

Rage, winds.
Spin, time.
Haunt, death.

These ashes of mine are unbowed.

But let the LORD thunder; let
the Eternal One even whisper
or simply draw near in silence

And my ashes tremble in awe;
they faint and fall apart in humility.
Here is your God, o ashes. There is no other.


Advent: Me Too

The heavens sing to the earth:
“The LORD is greatly to be praised.”
I’ll sing too.

The fields boast with joy:
“God is sovereign over the earth.”
I want to shout it too.

The winds twirl with the trees:
“The LORD is coming, coming, coming.”
Let me dance too.

The seas rush forward in greeting:
“Hooray! Hosanna! See the glorious One!’
I’m running to you too.

The rising sun tells it plainly:
“The LORD is faithful and forever.”
I want to testify too.

Me too,
O God my God.
Me too.

on Psalm 96


Advent: My Light and My Salvation

the LORD is my light

o God my God, what I wouldn’t give to see your warmth and light on long sleepless nights when only the winter cold keeps me company. yet you greet me faithfully in every dawn, you meet my eyes as though we haven’t spent a single moment apart, you delight my heart and immediately all is forgiven. basking in your presence, I could journey on forever.


the LORD is my salvation

take, I pray, this well-intentioned if wayward spirit, this limited and weary flesh, this most flighty heart, and unburden them to love and serve you gladly. do not let my faith fade at sunset — save me from my fickle self and preserve my joy at every hour, through every strain, against every demon. you are my strength and my song; by no other force can I stand, for no other reason do I sing.

on Psalm 27:1