Listening (Lent 8)

Turn away from my prayers, O God,
but do not neglect to bend your ear
to the prayers of those who mourn.

Listen and be convicted, O LORD,
by the prayers of those to whom
the world is unjust and unforgiving.

Let your heart be broken
and healed again
by the prayers of children.

Hear with compassion the prayers
of the sick, of those living with chronic illness,
and of those with a terminal diagnosis.

Be ever near to the prisoner,
to the hungry and the poor,
and to the brokenhearted.

Blessed be the LORD, who saves us all.

Mercies Every Morning

Shout out, O God,
and do not hold back
as you survey the world
with the witness of heaven.

Shout out and cry aloud, O God,
for we have given you lip service
but failed to follow your ways.

In your mercy, do not punish the hungry
because we have not been generous neighbors.
For your sake, do not punish the poor because
we have not lived as their brother & sister.

Do not punish even the wicked for we
have been evil’s accomplice and
taught the ways of accommodation.

Shout out, O God, and weep
for the wisdom of this age
that does not know or
wait upon your secrets:
of abundance
and paradoxes of love.

Whisper such secrets
like salt sprinkled for the delight
of every tongue, every heart, every life
until the earth is so full of faith
that no one goes hungry
or thirsty or lacks
shelter or family.

Whisper such secrets, O God,
that dawn’s light might
midnight’s injustice,
that healing might emerge
as an oasis and your loved ones
never evicted into the wilderness again.

We set our hearts in awe of you
and (re)commit our ways to your way.

Always and only
for your glory.

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You would do well to be attentive:

attentive to Love
as to a lamp
at midnight

attentive to Solidarity
as to an oasis
in the desert

attentive to Glory
as to a lullaby
at bedtime

attentive to Humility
as to a seed
freshly planted

attentive to Hospitality
as to a path
through the wilderness.

Thou our love and companion,
You our aspiration and embarrassment,

Most Holy Host of Heaven,
we attend to you
with all heart and soul and strength.

on 2 Peter 1:19


Advent: Be Strong

Do not fail, o my heart.
Do not be discouraged
though the waiting is long and
the wellspring of justice is far off.

Do not faint, o my heart.
Do not be weak in waiting
but roar with the fullness of your life
with the ferocity of your wildest dreams.

Do not grow weary, o my heart.
Do not rest though you cry all night.
Instead raise hell for the sake of heaven;
be forever the fearless fool for the sake of love.

on Psalm 27:14

Sunday Prayer: Faithful

Is it true, God, that you are faithful
even when life is a gauntlet of troubles
and each day seems longer than the next?

Is it true that your inheritance is plentiful
even though we squander and fight and steal
in jealous fear that we must secure ours?

Is it true, O God Eternal, that the sun
knows your name and the mountains too,
that you are more beautiful than the night sky?

Is it true that you find us where we are in the dust,
lift us up and kiss us and love us like royalty?
I wonder because I’m feeling particularly dusty.

Is it true that all our gods are for naught?
The money, security, prestige, and certainty that shape
our daily pursuits: will they fade before they exhaust us?

Is it true then that there is only one God, O God,
and — lest the question go unanswered —
are you still and finally faithful?

Because the world ends catastrophically every day
right before our eyes and we wonder when
it will stop starting over. We wonder

when we should bail on love and hope and fairness
and balms that seem never to heal the unjust
while innocent blood flows in the streets.

We wonder if you have been the dishonest manager,
charging us far less than we owe, and to what end?
What lesson learned, what grace extended in response?

Have you been faithful or have you been irresponsible
with our debts? For love of love, you risk fairness for grace.
For love of love, you weep over us from your holy heap of ashes.

We rage at you in trust that the world matters to you.
We yell in trust that our prayers will echo
through the mountains to your throne.

Bless our prayers along their wandering way
and bless our lives to faithful response.
We praise your name forever. Amen.

on today’s Revised Common Lectionary texts;
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