Apology (Third Sunday in Lent)

I saw you trying to catch my eye, trying to hold my gaze long enough for the shields to drop, but you were too late — or perhaps too early — and I could not meet you honestly. I chased after you, to be sure, and I called your name, but I kept my distance and preferred to adore the illusion of you. Divine Love, forgive me. Try again someday, I pray.

Holy Renown (Lent 15)

Let me refresh your memory, LORD God,
and I will refresh mine as well:

Yours is the strength that sways tides
and shifts tectonic plates.

Yours is the musicality that conducts stars
and evokes the moon’s aria.

Yours is the wild roar that tames Leviathan
and crumbles mountains.

Yours is the imagination that births creation
and envisions redemption.

Yours is the hand that dignifies the poor
and humbles the powerful.

Yours is the siren song that thrills wayfarers
and frustrates poets.

Yours is the name that silences eternity
and calms every heart.

Let me refresh your memory, LORD God;
come and reclaim your reputation.

on Psalm 74


You would do well to be attentive:

attentive to Love
as to a lamp
at midnight

attentive to Solidarity
as to an oasis
in the desert

attentive to Glory
as to a lullaby
at bedtime

attentive to Humility
as to a seed
freshly planted

attentive to Hospitality
as to a path
through the wilderness.

Thou our love and companion,
You our aspiration and embarrassment,

Most Holy Host of Heaven,
we attend to you
with all heart and soul and strength.

on 2 Peter 1:19



Still you are God
wild and holy

And I am still

Still you are good
loving and just

And I am still

Still you are my saving help
faithful and fierce

And I am still

Still you are my heart’s fascination
captivating and beautiful

And I am still
smitten to yearning,
still grateful,
still humbled and awed

Still you are
And I am still