White Women, Sarah, and Hagar

Dear white sisters,

We are long overdue in examining, confronting, and upsetting our significant role in the systemic racism of American culture.

The six women who acquitted George Zimmerman demonstrated the pattern of behavior that we white women have exhibited across the span of U.S. history … a habitual employment of racialized bait-and-switch that reminds me of the relationship between Sarai and Hagar, respectively the wife and the servant/second wife of father-of-the-faith Abram.

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Don’t Ask the Crocus

Sadly, prayers of lament can be used more than once. I reworked this lament┬áin the wake of yesterday’s nightmare in Boston:

Don’t ask the crocus, “Where is God?”
as though the crocus can respond to
our cries echoing over the flower beds.
The purple blooms have done their best
to disguise the traces of our bitter violence;
it is not their job to soothe our seething conscience.

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The Privilege of Detachment

“I am unimpressed, at best, by such a display of Christian faith that implicitly touts its privilege by disengaging from a political process that — while enormously corrupt and too obedient to corporations — nevertheless directly impacts the least of these for whom Christians are called to care: the sick and the poor, the widow and the foreigner, the discouraged and the outcast. Those living in poverty or close to its edge cannot afford not to vote on Tuesday. Women cannot afford not to vote on Tuesday. Persons of color, constantly challenged on identity and legal status, can’t afford not to vote on Tuesday.” Continue reading my full article on Huffington Post.