Lent 15

My God and my delight,
my rock and my blessing:
you who can grow a daffodil
where a thorn has been planted,
you who can dance with new life
after death has decreed its sentence:
help my spirit watch eagerly for your love
though my mind expects your absence;
tune my heart to the mountains’ song
though my ear expects their silence;
open my eyes to your unfolding purpose
though my feet tremble on unknown paths;
by your mercy I too will become a sign
of your unexpected, eternal faithfulness:
a crocus in winter, a waltz in the street,
a testimony to your glory, God willing.
In the name of the One who knows all
and the One who can accomplish all.

on Isaiah 55:13

Lent 6

Bless this bread,
bless this gather,
may we live for you each hour.

Send us out
with bread not stone,
so that no one eats alone.

In a world
full of fear
keep us always
drawing near
to your body
in each place
where we might
again learn grace.

Bless this bread,
bless this world,
’til we see your realm unfurled.

on Luke 4:3-4


Smile at me today, O LORD,
and I will dance forever.

Touch me gently like a mother
brushing her child’s feverish forehead,
and I will leap from my sickbed to serve you.

Guide my feet over this treacherous way,
and I will follow you beyond the horizon.

Say that I can never leave your love,
that your love will not leave me,
and my joy will know no end.

Hold this heartache until it eases,
and tomorrow I will dare to hold yours.

Extend relief — unexpected, unconditional —
and my tears will bless the ground.

The grace of God has appeared,
bringing salvation to all.
(Titus 2:11)

Ice Cream

it seems to me
that the best times
for stillness
are dawn and dusk:
the cusp times
the briefest moments
a blooming or a fading that
catches your breath
and holds it
in grace
And I like to think
that I would be a better person
if I could live always
in that grace
but the suspense of time
isn’t meant to last,
like the lick of a melting
ice cream cone
that you’ve been asked to hold
though it isn’t meant
for you
But since
the noonday is
a mess of ice cream
that’s fallen on the hot sidewalk
and midnight is
an elusive, teasing dream
of ice cream that is yours alone to savor,
in comparison a moment’s taste
is pure beauty
at dawn
and again at dusk
So with a sigh I pray to God
for the grace
for the resignation
for the peace
to delight fully in the briefest
of moments
for the gratitude to accept this
gift of stillness
whether at dusk or at dawn
for the surrender to release my demands
that one moment’s goodness
satisfy a lifetime
There is only this breath, only this stillness
and look — now it is gone.