Bliss & Blues

Blessed are you, O GOD, O Eternal Mercy,
and woe to us who cannot welcome mercy
in our hearts and in generosity to others.
Blessed be the strangers who bear grace.

Blessed are you, O GOD, O Delightful Joy,
and woe to us who cannot dance & whirl
without the highs of risk or consumption.
Blessed be the companions who seek peace.

Blessed are you, O GOD, O Righteous Way,
and woe to us who cannot remain planted
with patience to bear fruit or reap healing.
Blessed be the diviners who point to oases.

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Patience (Lent 17)

I bless the earth
for nurturing the daffodil
in secret until the robins are ready
to herald its cheery bloom.

I bless the spring peepers
for freezing solid in wintery woods
to wait faithfully until the early spring thaw
beckons love’s chorus.

I bless the sun
for biding its time through the night
without fear of shadows or stillness until the dawn
has its shades of blush ready to paint.

I bless the soloist
for lingering over and letting go of
every note so reluctantly until even eternity
holds its breath with longing.

I bless the Everlasting God
for abiding beyond hours and seasons
with mysterious patience until the rigidity of chronos
yields to the miracle of kairos for life.


Breathe in: the loveliness of God.
Breathe out: to articulate God’s grace.

Breathe in: the spirit of God.
Breathe out: with purpose as God’s image.

Breathe in: the wild creativity of God.
Breathe out: to embody your God-given gifts.

Breathe in: the delight of God for you.
Breathe out: with joy in being.

Breathe in: the peace of God’s presence.
Breathe out: and take the journey before you.

on Ephesians 2:10