Advent: Not Even Close

Not even close
to faithful waiting
Turns out I was
watching intently
but you came singing.

Not even close
to perfect discipleship
Raging as I do,
wandering restlessly
while you appear in peace.

Not even close
to getting my house
in order (in any sense of the word)
Only to remember
your foundation already laid.

Not even close
but you have already
drawn closer than a breath,
more intimate than touch.
Hallelujah — you are already near!

on Matthew 24:42

Advent: Again and Again

Always your goodness surprises me, yet there it is — again and again. A moment in a rocking chair. A long laugh with a friend. Always your grace surprises me, yet there it is — again and again. A renewed strength. A sigh of release. Forever your faithfulness surprises me, yet there it is — again and again. A song. A presence. Again and again, my Savior. Again and again, my Jesus. Amen and amen.

on Titus 3:4-5

Advent: Me Too

The heavens sing to the earth:
“The LORD is greatly to be praised.”
I’ll sing too.

The fields boast with joy:
“God is sovereign over the earth.”
I want to shout it too.

The winds twirl with the trees:
“The LORD is coming, coming, coming.”
Let me dance too.

The seas rush forward in greeting:
“Hooray! Hosanna! See the glorious One!’
I’m running to you too.

The rising sun tells it plainly:
“The LORD is faithful and forever.”
I want to testify too.

Me too,
O God my God.
Me too.

on Psalm 96


Advent: Peace

For yokes to break
and whips to fray,

for armor to crumble
and guns to disintegrate,

for enemies to repent
and the powerful to atone,

for the rich to repay
and war plans to burn,

for bombs to retreat
and arrogance to perish,

for hatred to lament and
self-righteousness to be embarrassed,

O merciful God, we pray these things
for the sake of your name and your justice.

on Isaiah 9:4-5