Believing Thomas

I believe in Jesus
when my feet
sink into the sands
the pulsing ocean.

I believe in Jesus
when I breathe deeply
in a pine forest
my footsteps quiet
to listen for the wind.

I believe in Jesus
when I see a group of
men shooting the breeze
early in the morning
at the coffee shop.

I believe in Jesus
when I kiss
my daughter’s forehead
as she leaves the house
for school.

I believe in Jesus
when it rains
and the earth
soaks up goodness
for new life.

I believe in Jesus
when mothers cry
loud sobs or silent tears over
their children striving & struggling
with the world.

I believe in Jesus
when he
offers his hand
(wounds and all)
in a gesture of peace.

2 thoughts on “Believing Thomas

  1. My life closed twice before its close –
    Emily Dickinson wrote this
    And my life reflected much the same,
    shutting down dreams and so much more.

    And parting IS all we know of heaven
    and all we need of hell,
    yet Jesus walked me through those
    shut doors and dark days into better ones –
    much better days that he promised
    (and kept that promise).

    And if I knew parting,
    I received HOPE in a huge portion.

    That was his voice of comfort
    And his showing there was a way,
    although I often struggled to see it,
    and probably more often rebelled against it!

    So now my prayer is that I may always
    trust in the One
    who never failed to show love
    and promises to bring us home,

    and that my trust may witness to a hope
    that encourages
    someone else facing closed doors
    to know the promise is sure
    and the Promiser never fails.

    Dear Rachel,
    Thanks for all your encouragement in our prayers and ponderings. Happy Easter.
    Karen J-vB

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