The Lamb of God has come, alleluia!

The Son of Man is born, alleluia!

The Redemption of the World is revealed, alleluia!

By your name, O Jesus, we are glad
and through your life we are satisfied.
The prophets see you and rejoice;
the powerful recognize you and flee.
We are fools to stand in your presence
yet we join the mountains and trees,
sea monsters and stars in rejoicing: alleluia!

Basking in your presence, we will not keep silent.
Compelled by your good news, we will not keep silent.
Until earth’s praise is echoed in the peace of all people,
until every face is recognized as the beauty of God,
until a mighty horn breaks every strain of oppression,
until the fires of baptism expunge our pride,
until love is undeterred, we will not keep silent: alleluia!

You are our joy and we are your glory.
Through you is promise and within us is hope.
Send us out from this year in peace;
bless all that has departed from us
whether through regret or relief.
Call us into the new year with joy
to radiate the wonder of you: alleluia!

The Lamb of God has come, alleluia!

The Son of Man is born, alleluia!

The Redemption of the World is revealed, alleluia! Amen.

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E’er Blooming

In the fullness of time,
a Flower blooms:
not minding the plans of war
or the harvest of grief,
not measuring
the seasons of power
or the generations of wealth’s sin,
but simply spreading its petals
because time is full
and fulfilled.
A Flower has bloomed —
not because the world is at peace,
not because we are ready,
but because it is time.
Praise and
thanksgiving on earth
as in heaven for the foolishness
and eternal faithfulness
of the Flower.

Blackbirds and Whippoorwills

Like the blackbird
singing before the dawn,

Like the whippoorwill
waiting to romance the moon,

Like the newborn
longing for breath as it crowns,

Like the writer
trusting the word to arrive,

Like the waves
rising to the wind’s caress,

Like the fig trees
casting seed for future fruit,

Like the shepherds
watching their flocks at night,

Like the prophet
declaring the advent of freedom,

our hearts are thrilled
with anticipation to greet you:
O Word Made Flesh,
O Jesus our Savior,
O Christ the desire of creation.

Let the glory of God reach the highest heaven
and let peace encompass all people.
Amen and forever amen.

Thy Kingdom Come

Thine is the kingdom,
mine is the repentance.

Thine is the glory,
mine is the labor.

Thine is the purpose,
mine is the peace.

Thine is the power,
mine the humility.

Thine is the wisdom,
mine is the wonder.

Thine is the will,
mine is the trial.

Thine is the splendor,
mine is the dust.

Thine is the achievement,
mine the pursuit.

Thine is the mercy,
mine the forgiveness.

Thine is forever,
mine is this breath.

Thy kingdom come.