Lent 36

Come, friend: the world is hard enough.
Let’s not argue over access to God or
qualifications for loving one another.
We’re walking in the same direction (and
goodness knows I have much to learn),
so if you will keep me honest then
I’ll watch your back, and we’ll simply
take this thing one step at a time —
but let’s not forget we’re in it together.

on John 12:20-22

Lent 35

The floor creaks and keeps me company, like friends lingering together long after the last drink, determined to tell all the tales and sing all the songs before calling it a night. Of course, the floorboards only chirp & groan in the early morning and at the end of the day, when they can be certain of no interruptions. If I take a step, they scold and silence me. Even the moon is hushed to listen, or maybe she is quietly jealous of the nearby star that is outshining her tonight — which is ridiculous, if only she would stop to realize it, for that pinpoint of light is like a beauty mark on the glow she casts over the rooftops and sidewalks. How did we become so competitive over the spotlight? … Does it matter? If the moon cannot hide her jealousy, how can we? Still I try to soothe her forlorn expression by turning out the indoor lights until hers is the only one to be seen. And while the moon waxes with sorrow, the hardwood resumes its soliloquy on age and time and grace under pressure; the stories soothe my spirit like perfume over the feet of one who was weary. It is time for me to sit at his feet again, to laugh long and listen longer like friends who are determined not to get up from the table until everything has been said, until they are ready to cede their turn to the moonlight and the floorboards and the knowledge that nighttime always fades into morning.

on John 12:1-3

Palm Sunday

For today at least, let us spare these rocks the trouble of shouting:

“Blessed are you, O Christ,
sent by God and sent of God,
and blessed are we to lay our praises
before you like cloaks on the ground.

Blessed is the dust on your feet
for its knowledge of your ways;
blessed is the touch of your hand
to those humble before your power;
and blessed are the ears that plant
your word like a seed in their hearts.

May heaven be at peace with us
because of your grace!
May glory be given to God
because of your love!”

on Luke 19:37-40

Lent 34

There is a river who calls:
“Let us chart a course to God.”
There is a rock who announces:
“Let us stand on the foundation of God.”
There is a tree who claps and sings:
“Let us rejoice to know God’s love in all seasons.”

And God is glad as the river reaches out
its long blue arms in faithful adoration.
And God is glad as the rock firmly
witnesses to the Grounding One.
And God is glad as the tree
conducts creation’s ancient song.

So let us follow, friend.
Let us hold fast to the only Holy One,
and by all means — without fail — let us sing.