Sunday Prayer

Come, God: fountain of life, abundance of love.
You are much needed.
Overflow with life,
for death & destruction haunt us.
Sate us with your love to overwhelm our fears
and to share unconditionally with all.

We pray especially for those who are hurting and frightened; for those who have died and for those who are mourning. We pray over the raging of war and the work of peace.

Come, Christ: wellspring of joy, miracle of glory.
You are much needed.
Pour out a blessing
where cynicism and politics have abandoned us.
At long last, make this time your time for
power and healing.

We pray for leaders in our community and for those (for us!) who hold them to account. We pray for those who are injured by political decisions, often overlooked and underserved, including the people of Flint, Michigan.

Come, Spirit: multiplier of gifts, diversity of the body.
You are much needed.
Utter the truth
when lies divide us.
Activate a spirit within us for the common good,
for jealousy chokes us like a weed.

We pray especially against the disease of racism that divides and biases us, leaving us poorer for our lack of understanding and weaker for our contempt of interconnectedness.

Come, Most Holy: giver of names, gatherer of peoples.
You are much needed.
Plant a seed
that will grow and bloom with justice.
Shine forth a lamp of your delight and reconciliation,
by which all can find their way home.

We pray for righteous frustration when timeless words are quoted without intended action. We pray especially for hope and healing when we have seen too many communities and communions fall apart. 

Come, Savior: voice of repentance, impatience of eternity.
You are much needed.
Call us again
to humility and hospitality.
Show us as though we are new to knowing
the breadth & depth of grace.

We pray for the courage to believe, the faith to follow you, and the patience to work to your glory. We pray for one another, we pray for ourselves, and we pray that your will will come about on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

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Not Even A Jar

Take this shard of weary clay —
cracked and chipped,
dusty and dry —

and pour into it some drop
of grace and glory,
some measure

of light and delight to overflow
where it may be useful
and beautiful

like a rainbow against the storm
like faith despite all fear
like foolish hope.

I am not even a clay jar, only
an irregular bit of shard.
Be the treasure.

on 2 Corinthians 4:6-7

Holy Timing

My annual frustration with the Advent season (now three weeks behind us) is that “the time is not yet,” even though it’s evident all around us that the time of God’s redemption is needed now. And so I find soul-soothing relief in a longed-for thread of good news weaving through this coming Sunday’s Revised Common Lectionary texts: “The time is now.”


The LORD says, “For the sake of my people I will no longer keep silent, and for their healing I will not rest until they shine like the dawn.” (Isaiah 62)


Now you shall no longer be called Forsaken or Desolate, but you will be called My Delight Is In Her and She Who Is Loved. (Isaiah 62)


All people will feast in my house; I will give them drink from the river of delights. And I will continue in love — now and always. (Psalm 36)


When the jars of wine have run dry and the celebration begins to fade; (John 2)


When the hour is late and a miracle is needed; (John 2)


When pride overshadows the common good; when members vie for attention and argue over their claim to the Spirit; (1 Corinthians 12)


The time for speaking is now
when white silence is a threat
to Black and Brown lives. (Isaiah 62)

The time for affirmation is now
when the image of God in the LGBTQ community
has been forsaken by the church. (Isaiah 62)

The time for hospitality is now
when refugees are hungry. (Psalm 36)

The time for generosity is now
when those who were served last at the wedding
rightly insist that the wine which flowed abundantly for the first
be distributed in equal portions. (John 2)

The time for participation is now
when political seats provide a feather in the cap
and a dollar in the pocket rather than
a service for the good of all people. (1 Corinthians 12)

THE TIME IS NOW. Thank God, praise God, the time is now.

Sunday Prayer: Faith upon Faith

Glory, O God, all glory to you
from the highest mountains
to the wildest oceans
and in every heart.

You are precious to us, Most Holy God,
our wellspring of life and our source of comfort.
You are beautiful in the world around us
and in the faces of friends & strangers.
Who are we that you love us,
yet you do and with a faithfulness
that startles our doubts & relieves our fears.

Grant us faith upon faith, joy upon joy,
and courage beyond understanding.

You mean the world to us, Dear Jesus,
our hearts’ desire and our teacher.
Before the ferocity of your truth we humble ourselves;
by the light of your love we find one another.
We follow you in wonder
because you have changed our lives.
Be abundant in us & around us to change the world.

Grant us faith upon faith, joy upon joy,
and courage beyond understanding.

You capture our imaginations, Sweet Spirit,
you who are our baptism and our vision.
By your mystery, we share in God’s purpose;
by your power, we are one family with all people.
We welcome your healing among us and within us.
We pray that you anoint us with holy hope
for this journey is long and the needs are great.

Grant us faith upon faith, joy upon joy,
and courage beyond understanding.
To your glory, we pray. Amen.

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God in the Footnotes

“Ascribe to the LORD” (Psalm 29) might be paraphrased as “Attribute to God” or “Give God credit,” with attribution and credit being represented these days with such things as bylines and footnotes. Footnotes recognize preceding material, influencing voices, and sources upon which all else rests — thus a footnote to recognize The Source upon which all else rests.

The dawn’s light
chases the night in
streaks of red & gold!*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: the beauty of the LORD.

A smile of joy
eases a weary heart
connecting one to two and three.*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: where two or three are gathered.

Music cascades
like a waterfall down
the mountains, over the earth & all hearts.*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: the voice of the LORD.

The saints herald
the faithfulness of God
giving witness to All That Is beyond us.*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: Do not be afraid.